treatment concept

Our philosophy is based on a holistic treatment concept that encompasses all available options in modern dentistry and puts you, our patient, at the heart of all of our efforts.

Our work is built around our certified expertise as specialists in the areas of implantology, periodontology, endodontics and dental aesthetics..

As a result, we can offer patients an individual therapy concept that incorporates the latest findings from dental medicine and state-of-the-art techniques – such as low-radiation digital x-rays.

Especially when it comes to dental aesthetics our aim is to achieve a high-quality and aesthetically perfect outcome. To this end, an ongoing dialog between the dentist, the technician and the patient is essential.Thanks to our in-house dental laboratory, we can guarantee that this is done with the utmost precision.

In our work, we endeavour to provide pain-free treatment, minimally invasive operations and patient-oriented care – especially for anxious patients and children.

Our special focus is on educational work.. We attach great importance to informing you about all possible alternative therapies so that you can play a part in the decision-making process yourself.

Whether you need long-term, perfect dental restoration or a routine check-up – we look forward to hearing from you.